Committee on the General Conference


Maj Gen Daryl Bohac, Term Expires 2016

Area Contacts

Area I

BG Frank McGinn, Term Expires 2016

Area II

COL Dave Fleming, Term Expires 2016

Area III

COL Jimmie Cole, Term Expires 2015

Area IV

Col Tony DeJesus (Ret), Term Expires 2015

Area V

Brig Gen Jon Fago, Term Expires 2016

Area VI

COL John Lathrop, Term Expires 2015


Brig Gen Dave Brubaker (Ret), Term Expires 2016

Warrant Officer

CW5 Terry S. Swartwout, Term Expires 2015

Company Grade

CPT Cassandra Seward, Term Expires 2015

Executive Director

Brig Gen Hal Keistler (Ret), Term Expires 2015

Previous Conference Experience

LTC Bruce D. Kahl (Ret)

COL Don Deering (Ret)

Ex-Officio Member

NGAUS Chairman of the Board, Term Expires 2016

Advisors To The Committee

Chip Lunn
CAP Representative

Roberta Janssen
NGEDA President

LTC Jake Jakubek (Ret)
NGAUS Conference Coordinator

Kathleen Cyphert
NGAUS Industry Liaison