Survey Asks About Workplace Environment

Washington Report

(August 19, 2014) More than 500,000 service members selected to participate in a survey assessing military workplace environments have started to receive letters or emails regarding the questionnaire.

Those invited to respond to the first RAND Military Workplace Study span all branches of the military, and the active and reserve components. The study is designed to examine professionalism, personal safety and military workplace relations. The RAND Corporation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, and the survey is independent from the Defense Department.  

Defense Department officials emphasized that participation in the survey is voluntary, and answers to survey questions are confidential.

"No service member may be ordered or pressured to complete the survey or not to complete it," officials said in a Defense Department news article on the survey.

Officials call the survey "unprecedented in its scale" and say it will "influence polices that affect everyone in the services."

The article cited specific implications for military justice, training and services.

According to the story, service members who choose to participate may respond to questions during duty time. And, respondents can complete the survey on their smart phones and forward it to their personal email address.

A public report of RAND Corporation findings will be available in May of next year.